The SunsetParkMatters blog has been created to track the physical changes taking place in our community, as well as the impact these changes are having on our quality of life. Sunset Park cannot survive the onslaught of irresponsible, inappropriate and, "right down ugly" over-building we continue to experience. Don't wait for anyone else to stop and, hopefully, reverse the destruction of Sunset Park. The people responsible for this out-of-control construction don't even live here, you and I are the ones being affected. Please document every change on your and neighboring block(s). This blog will post all "before & after" pictures and we are keeping a database of construction permits filed, permits approved and violations/stop work orders issued. You will be able to request information about your block by posting your questions.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Another MONSTROSITY at 7th Ave & 42nd St.

Someone using the moniker "metadoc" asked via SPAN-announce "how a 7-story monstrosity (height & aesthetics) has been approved for that site", and the question reached our radar screen. Thank you for asking the question and various "hows", related on many levels, are listed here:
1- Check parameters of NYC Dept. of Buildings permit approved for this site to confirm that what is being built is what was approved. Building in excess of/contrary to what has been approved is commonplace in NYC, and Sunset Park, especially.
We will also look at what was "approved" and report as soon as we have any news, but don't rely on us, exclusively. This is every Sunset Parker's fight! Learn the ropes!, the developers certainly have.
2- If possible, try to find an architect with NYC zoning expertise to look at what was approved to verify that it is legal to build such a structure. In recent history, many approved plans throughout NYC were found to be "inconsistent" with zoning law & various other laws affecting construction methods.
3- All else being equal & legal(which doesn't mean adequate, appropriate, beneficial, sustainable, aesthetically acceptable, etc.), it also means that the type of building to which you refer will become the norm on 7th Avenue if 7A zoning guidelines are approved as part of the "re-zoning Plan" now under consideration by the Planning Department & the NYC Council. Aesthetics, architectural compatibility, sustainability, etc. are not regulated, however ugly, over-scale, intrusive structures are encouraged by government's decidedly attitude of mistaking progress with greed and avarice, and ignoring a neighborhood's opinion and concerns, each and every time while pandering to outside interests (read: questionably-acquired CASH).
4- Since there isn't a Demolition Ban (no demolition of structurally-sound structures) now, nor will there be as part of the proposed Re-Zoning, most, if not all of 7th Avenue will be razed to build similar buildings. These units will marketed and sold to others who, like the developers, have questionably-acquired CASH to hide. Consequently, all working-class & lower middle class folks in Sunset Park will eventually be displaced by outside interests. By the way, real estate is not the only place where ill-gotten CASH is buried, we suggest you take a careful & thorough look at political campaigns. Don't forget- Elected and Appointed officials are the ones conceiving and approving/disapproving zoning and construction laws.
Last, but not least, please consider sending us your photos & on-going commentary for posting on this blog.
Be well and, always, FOLLOW THE MONEY...