The SunsetParkMatters blog has been created to track the physical changes taking place in our community, as well as the impact these changes are having on our quality of life. Sunset Park cannot survive the onslaught of irresponsible, inappropriate and, "right down ugly" over-building we continue to experience. Don't wait for anyone else to stop and, hopefully, reverse the destruction of Sunset Park. The people responsible for this out-of-control construction don't even live here, you and I are the ones being affected. Please document every change on your and neighboring block(s). This blog will post all "before & after" pictures and we are keeping a database of construction permits filed, permits approved and violations/stop work orders issued. You will be able to request information about your block by posting your questions.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dear Anonymous-

Anonymous said...
There's no R6A on the side streets... (see full comment on "Look up your block")
In fact, R6A is proposed on 41st and 40th Streets (5/6) closer to 5th. and it was confirmed with the Brooklyn Office of the Dept. of City Planning
and you'll see that R6A has also been proposed for:
58th, 60th, 63rd and 64th Streets (3rd /4th Ave) and 61st St. (4/5 Ave)
GUESS THE ALARM IS ON! We await Anonymous' response...

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